Israel, Cyprus and Argentina – A new initiative for peace, business and more

The new management team of the Chamber of Commerce Israel – Cyprus is preparing for a year of new initiatives with an extensive agenda. The Chamber of Commerce will be part of not only commercial projects but will also work together with the different governmental institutions to improve mutual relations between the two countries in the near future.

The board began a series of meetings with the aim of marking its contribution on political, social and of course, commercial issues.

The Chamber and the Parliament

The meeting that took place last December in the Israeli Parliament marked the beginning of their relations and the establishment of the commercial ties. This achievement not only gives prestige to the members of the steering committee who were the pioneers in this new cooperation, but is also the beginning of new projects in which the Chamber will improve and enrich the relationship with Cyprus.

Cooperation between the two Chambers of Commerce

On December 18, a delegation arrived from the Cyprus-Israel Chamber of Commerce included the chairman, Mr. Christodoulos Angastiniotis. On that day a welcome dinner was given by the leading members of the Israel-Cyprus Chamber of Commerce including the chairman adv. Leon Amiras and the CEO Eran Cohen, also invited to this meeting was the ambassador of Cyprus in Israel, Mrs. Salina Shambos. The Chamber of Commerce began a series of activities to promote commercial ties by a number of projects that will be published on our website along with the rest of the activities from now on.  In the near future, Israel will be able to open new markets with Greece and the rest of Europe through commercial cooperation with the help of the Chamber.

 Argentina, Cyprus and Israel – the future

Together with these projects we must highlight the important connections that our Chamber of Commerce has made recently, which will greatly help the commercial development but not only between Cyprus and Israel. The objective is to open our market to the world and vice-versa through the hard work and efforts of the chamber’s representatives.

The Argentinian Ambassador in Israel Mr. Mariano Caucino, who is also in charge of the diplomatic relations of Argentina in Cyprus, with whom the Chamber has a great relationship, made a Christmas trip to greet the Argentine military troops of UNFICYP (United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus) as part of the forces that maintain the order between the Greco-Chiprian and Turkish Cypriot communities. Being in a conflicted zone is hard, as we already know in Israel, and despite that, the Ambassador manages to do a great job not only in commercial development but also in maintaining the peace in the area.  The Israel Cyprus Chamber of Commerce will have a fundamental role in achieving improved relations between the countries and will be the institution that opens more doors to Argentina in the Middle East and from the Middle East along with Argentina to the rest of Latin America.

According to Adv. Leon Amiras, the Chamber will be able to help increase Argentine trade in Cyprus, especially in areas such as tourism.

We are facing a great opportunity if we know how to take advantage of the good relations between these two countries, especially after the visit of the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to Argentina in which an important rapprochement was achieved, said Ambassador Caucino in an interview for Infobae. Along with this, he said that in the future, apart from the bilateral relationship development the idea would be the promotion of shared values, human rights, human dignity and progress, there is also the interest to strengthen the bonds of scientific, technological and educational cooperation.

Author: Gastón Saidman

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